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Hi , I'm Aimee the proud owner of Barefoot Bliss massage.  Having worked as a therapist in the luxury spa industry for 13 years I developed a passion for creating an exceptional experience for each of my guest.  In 2015 I thought that I would be ending my career in massage therapy due to repetitive movement injuries.  It was at that time that I received an Ashiatsu massage and fell in love with how amazing it felt.  I came to learn that not only could I extend my career by using my feet instead of my hands, but that I could also introduce this technique to deep tissue lovers.  I love Ashiatsu massage for the long fluid strokes and depth of pressure that can be achieved while at the same time putting you into a state of deep relaxation.

I'm very proud of the following team members.  They are all uniquely gifted therapist and share the same passion I do of creating an exceptional experience for you each time you visit Barefoot Bliss Massage.  



Ashley Shears, LMT has practiced massage since 2009 and has been a certified barefoot massage practitioner since 2015. She specializes in Ashiatsumassage and Sarga Bodywork. With her athletic background in dance, yoga, weight lifting, and running, she strives to show her clients compassion through the art of barefoot massage so they can heal and gain body awareness to live their healthiest lives. She combines her knowledge, education, and personal experience to customize each client’s session to fit their individual needs.


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Alicia moved to California in 2013 from Illinois to study holistic healing at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in Laguna Hills. After earning her Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner certifications, Alicia decided that California was where she wanted to stay. She uses a unique combination of healing modalities to personalize each treatment. Alicia believes everything in the body (and mind) is connected and works to bring overall balance through a variety of healing techniques suchas acupressure, trigger point, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, reflexology, energy work and more.


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Candace is a San Clemente local that grew up enjoying the waves and beaches. After spending many years traveling and discovering other cultures, she grew to love being able to help and hold space for others. Candace brings a style of relaxing and restorative massage to help the process of healing the body and mind. 



Gina’s love of massage runs deep in her family roots going back to the 1950’s when her grandmother was a massage therapist. “I was born to massage!” says Gina. Her passion lies in the detailed work of deep tissue and reflexology but is also able to customize each massage to the clients specific needs.

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